Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wednesday Training


Getting back in the saddle having had 2 days of no training, legs still not fully recovered I am sure but recovered enough to start turning the pedals at L3 I reckon. I think one can start training fairly soon after a long event as long as it's not high intensity stuff which takes you near your limits, I'll be leaving any VO2 max training now until at least next week and even then I'll be seeing how I feel.

Today's session went just fine, did 2x25 @ L3 and had no problems with it at all, an ideal session to get me rolling again. From here on I'm going to continue to work at levels always above L2 when on the CompuTrainer and am going to start to build my CTL over the Autumn and Winter. If weather permits I may well add a 2nd longer road ride each week but this will be a sight-seeing ride, say 2-3 hours of L2 type riding which will help me with my weight management and more importantly help with my CTL build. I'm looking for a CTL of around 100 as I reach Spring 2009 but more importantly a CTL of around a 100 whilst feeling well, so it's going to be a S--L--O--W CTL build, no heroics. I'll be happy with a 1-2 TSS/d increase each week from my current CTL of about 75, this would take me to around 100 by Spring 2009.

If I can achieve the above and stay well it should be possible to repeat the process in 2009-2010 ready for "Leading The Tour in 2010" from a really solid foundation, hopefully with an FTP of around 310.

You gotta have a plan!

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