Monday, 27 October 2008

Monday Training



More good engine building L3 training, a 2x25 tonight which to be honest really went pretty well. Felt generally comfortable throughout which has been the case for a little while with this type of session now, I am confident that this type of work is now really bearing fruit. At the end of the second 25 minute effort I could comfortably have continued and I am confident that I can now ride at this sort of load for long periods of time without fatiguing.

Bearing in mind that yesterday's training ride was far from a cruise I was pleased tonight with how my average HR for both L3 efforts was identical at 148BPM, rightly or wrongly I'm taking that as at least an indicator that I'm recovering reasonably well.

This week is a pretty hefty week before my next adaptation week and I've worked things out so that it should deliver something in the order of 750TSS, the next stage is tomorrow's 2x20 L4 session, always something to look forward to! ;-)

Onwards and upwards!

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