Thursday, 9 October 2008

Thursday (not) Training


Planned rest day today as part of my adaptation week and am currently running with a TSB of -8 and a CTL of 80 which I'm happy with at this stage of my training. TSB was -22 on Monday so it's coming up nicely though I'll be doing something on each of the next 3 days so it's probably not going to go up too much more and the last thing I want to do is bring on a "peak" so that's fine.

Not sure what others think but I reckon that if I finish an adaptation week with a TSB of about zero plus or minus 5 I'm pretty happy with that, sort of takes you back to your start point. I reckon I'm going to be increasing my CTL by about 10 TSS/d over every 4 week training cycle as things stand which I think may be too quick as time goes by. I would like to start next season with a CTL of about 110 if I can manage it and stay well so I need to build by about 7-8 TSS/d over each 4 week cycle for the next 4 months which should be feasible.

If the above proved to be too much I'd be happy to be starting the new season with a CTL of anything over 100 and that I think is perfectly possible.

Any suggestions welcomed!


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