Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Tuesday Training



The much loved FTP test rolls around again, this one to determine my training levels for the Winter ahead. My test was performed in accordance with the protocol in H. Allen & A. Coggan's book including the hard 5 minute effort prior to the 20 minute effort which just makes certain that you really aren't that fresh before you start!

I did no special preparation for today's test and have been continuing with my normal training plan, I made sure I was at least reasonably fresh by doing the test after an adaptation week which involved a reduced but still significant training load.

There are a couple of points of interest about this test:

1). In the run up to the test I have been doing no specific L5 work at all and have been ploughing on with my L3/SST/L4 plan in the hope that it will deliver something, I've just been keeping the faith! On this basis I am confident that after a full Winter of efficient (I hope ) training and the introduction of higher intensity work at the appropriate times I can make further improvements on today's position in readiness for my 2009 targets.

That's the plan anyway, you've gotta have a plan!

2). I completed this test using the ergo mode of the CompuTrainer making adjustments as I went along in response to what I felt I could cope with. I think I got it about right, at the end of the 20 minute TT part of the test I was pretty well spent but I recovered reasonably quickly. My final HR was just 3BPM below my MHR, I didn't hold back.

Anyway, there has been an improvement and I'm over the moon! Tonight my average power for the 5 minute effort was 355W and for the 20 minute effort was 321W, this calculates out out to give me a current FTP of 305W which I'm delighted with. What does this tell me? This tells me that I am still making steady progress and that I have finally made it through the 300W barrier I have been working towards. This may not sound like a huge figure to many but to me @ 50 it represents a major milestone.

The CompuTrainer calibration figures before and after the test were virtually identical, I am confident about the accuracy of my data on this basis.

So there you have it, please can I join the 300W club? Here's my evidence, the horizontal dashed line marks my previous FTP of 296W...

[Uploaded 11/11/2008 21:23:29]


  1. holy moly, awesome work!

    Guess you'll have to ramp up your levels for winter training though ha ha!

  2. Hi SW

    Thanks, quite right about the levels, every silver lining has a cloud eh!

    Mind you, you're doing 2x20s @ 320W I seem to remember so you'll be off the map in an FTP test!



  3. Congrats Quentin - I know you've been working solidly for nearly a year on this and what an awesome achievement.

    With that FTP and your 404 wheels surely you'd clean up at the local 10 TT for MV50 ?

    Take care,

  4. Hi Mark

    Thanks, appreciated.

    Re the TT I don't think so, TTing doesn't really ring my bell.

    I like long hilly sportive type events preferably riding in a like minded group where I can put my shoulder to the wheel as part of a team effort. The feeling of a good result shared is just great, if it happens!

    Plough on eh, 2x20 @ L3 this morning, problem is L3 is now a higher wattage! Every silver lining has a cloud eh!