Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Wednesday Training



Back to the grindstone but now with my new training zones which has increased the mid point of my L3 workouts by about 8-10W, what fun.

So, a bit less comfortable than this L3 session has been recently but manageable, though I was aware of yesterday's activities particularly later in the session. It's a bit depressing that when you do an FTP test and your FTP rises your training zones rise so when you do what is a harder workout (same 2x20s but higher load) because your FTP is higher the TSS and IF of the ride are effectively unchanged :-(

Anyway, I got through it Ok, hopefully I will slowly but surely adapt to the new zones but if history is anything to go by it will be a long, slow, hard, job. I guess if it were easy everyone would be doing it!

I reckon in the back of mind I'm thinking I'll be doing well if I have raised my FTP to 310W by the Spring, we shall see, I won't be retesting until then anyway.


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