Monday, 8 December 2008

Monday Training


Bit of a new departure for me tonight as I thought instead of the usual 2x20 session I'd extend my L4 effort but just do one of them with the intention of, by trial and error, determining my current CP30.

So, after a decent enough 20 minute warmup and a steady increase in the load to the start of the effort at the 20 minute point I commenced my 30 minutes and rode it in ergo mode at 300W. Got to the end Ok but knew I'd done some work though could definitely have continued for longer, as I would have expected. I made a point of doing this when not in a fully rested state so that the data should more accurately mimic my true training state, I'd done about 4+ hours of L3 type work on the turbo over the weekend so I wasn't exactly brimming with freshness!

So, what has this told me? It has confirmed (by actually riding for 30 minutes rather than by extrapolation) that my CP30 is currently above 300W and that I'll be repeating the experience to see where my limits are. If I apply a load which results in my HR shooting through the roof I'll be backing off as that isn't what all this is about. At no point in this trial did my HR enter L5 territory, I think doing this type of trial if it starts rising into the mid 175s I'll be backing off, that's much shorter effort territory.

You can't beat a bit of experimentation!

HR Distribution:

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  1. that's very weird, i did the exact same little test a few days ago! Just did my usual L4 session but decided to extend it a little bit cause i didn't have time to do my usual 2x20 mins. I found myself in a similar position, in that i think i could have carried on a bit longer.
    Gives a nice little boost of confidence cause i sometimes worry that my body is just adapting to 20 min efforts and will just shut down waiting for a rest when i'm in the middle of a hard ride in the summer!

    Good training as usual mate, your long indoor sessions are giving me inspiration to stay on the damn turbo for a little bit longer every time...(managed 1 hour 50 on Sunday, still not cracked the 2 hour barrier!)

  2. Hi SW

    Fear not, you will and in my book 2 hours on the turbo is worth 3+ on the road, on the road you don't even pedal for 25-30% of the time!