Sunday, 7 December 2008

Sunday Training


Freezing cold again and pretty windy with it so I'm sticking with my indoor training plan and it's going fine. Did just under 2 hours on the turbo made up of 2x25 + 2x20 @ L3, so 90 minutes of L3 training and it went really well with no problems at all.

Will be continuing to plan my training based on indoor work but always hoping for a half decent day at some point to get some road miles in and see how my form feels, to be honest, and not wanting to tempt fate, I'm feeling pretty good at present - probably because I'm not overdoing it.

Pleased to see a very similar HR pattern for each of the 4 efforts, I seem to be over the little problem I was having a few days ago, a bit of extra rest seemed to do the trick.

[Uploaded 07/12/2008 15:35:22]

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