Saturday, 6 December 2008

Saturday Training


Still extremely cold here and another day I'm not prepared to go out in the cold and the remaining ice. Rode UKRoute03 again which is an undulating 45 mile 3D route and the ride went really well, hard, but well.

Completed the route with the lowest average HR I've recorded over this route and with the highest average and normalised powers I've so far recorded by a significant margin, I'm making measurable progress!

Am now starting to write up some details of a project I'm working on which I hope will be of interest in the future and also have to get my presentation for my coaching qualification sorted out in pretty short order, busy times.

As my Grandfather used to say "better to wear out than rust away".

On that subject I read something really interesting not long ago about ageing an increasing infirmity. A large and carefully controlled study was done comparing physical deterioration in the general population in relation to activity levels. The staggering, and I am sure correct, conclusion was that 20% of the physical deterioration we experience is down to the natural ageing process alone. What's the other 80% due to? - Disuse.

The message, loud and clear, is keep active, age slower, much slower. More L3 tomorrow :-)

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