Saturday, 27 December 2008

Saturday Training


Nice steady L3 session, did 2x25 minute efforts and it all felt very comfortable with average HRs for the 2 efforts identical at 144BPM, this suggests to me that doing these at my current load are producing little in the way of stress and again I'm continuing to to wonder about my FTP and to question whether it has risen a little, or could it just be down to all the fab food I've consumed :-)

So, managed to keep things going over the Christmas period and kept on track which is good, over-indulged as usual on the food front but I always do that and I do just restrict it to Christmas Day and Boxing Day and then I'm back on track.

Just looked back at my records, I did my last FTP test on 11.11.2008 so it could have changed a bit as I have introduced more L3 work in the last month, I think I'll schedule in a test in about 2 weeks time, nice to have something else to look forward to!

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