Thursday, 11 December 2008

Thursday Training


Back to the L4 work with another session on the road to determining an accurate CP30 by once again increasing the load by 5W and seeing if I can ride at that load for 30 minutes.

Today's attempt was done at 310W and I knew it was going to be uncomfortable but I reached the 30 minute mark and could have continued, I don't know how long for but I could have continued, my legs were still rotating anyway!

Interestingly my AHR/MHR figures today for the period of the effort were 169/176 and the figures for Tuesday's 305W effort were 168/175, to all intents and purposes identical. I guess this means that I'm still just working within my capabilities aven if I must be approaching my current limits. Anyhow, I'm averaging 90% of my MHR for the effort and peaking at 93%, I guess that's why it's not feeling very comfortable and I'm quite surprised and pleased to find that I can sustain that, there can't be much more in the tank at the moment!

I'm pretty much concluding from this that at the moment 305-310W is about my CP30 as I don't really want to regularly be training at an intensity higher than that. What I've got to do is keep plugging away at this level until I'm getting more watts for my 90-93%, that's the theory anyway. Surprisingly, so far, I feel Ok with all this.

I will have a shot at 30 minutes at 315W next week, TBH I'd be very surprised if I make the 30 minute mark. One interesting thing about this work is that it pretty much confirms that my FTP testing scheme is valid. When I tested it recently the outcome was 305W and certainly from the point of view of establishing training zones that has proved to be a perfectly valid figure.

Hill walking tomorrow!

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