Friday, 20 March 2009

Friday Tandem Ride


Nice steady tandem ride with Lorena round a short local loop just enjoying the sunshine, the birdsong, and the blue sky. Nice little outing which Lorena really loved, first time out on the tandem for a good while, we'll be doing more of it I'm sure.

For TSS purposes I just monitor my riding time and gauge the intensity by the HR figures and work out a TSS from that allocating about 0.66 TSS points per minute for a L2 ride, nice and easy and seems to work Ok!

[Uploaded 20/03/2009 19:56:52]


  1. Almost exactly what I do, except I go for 0.6 tss/min which is probably on the light side.

  2. Hi Colin

    Thanks for that, if you're doing it that gives me confidence in the method! Still can't work out why it feels so damned hard though! Be nice to have some SRMs on the front cranks ;-)


  3. That's because it's either Active Recovery or Level 6 and nothing in between. At least it is on our tandem! I looked at Shirley's HR file the other week and it was clear that she had been saving herself for the first hour. Got to teach her to pace her effort!