Saturday, 21 March 2009

Saturday Training



Hilly 66 mile ride over Billsmoor and out to Otterbun and then Bellingham. The weather was fantastic as was the scenery, unfortunately my legs were not! :-)

Combination of things really, my CTL is climbing which is hard work when it's already quite high (by my standards) and I'm also making a bit of an effort to shed a few pounds before the fun and games starts in earnest, the less pork I have to drag up the hills the better it will suit me, I have a plan :-) - unfortunately it involves eating less :-( I find cutting down on my food intake always reduces my power at the top end and I'll just have to live with that until I'm where I want to be and then resume "normal" intakes :-)

Anyhow, my companions were very kind and didn't complain too much, at least not when I was listening. Other excitement during the ride was one of the group twisted his small chainring (too much power I reckon) and he then had to ride the rest of the way back without that facility which I found greatly beneficial!

Eating and drinking sensibly now in preparation for the next few days and wanting to get some steady riding in during my mini training camp, no heroics ;-)

For the numbers fans the TSS for the ride was 247, NP 245W, VI 1.33!

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