Friday, 3 April 2009

Friday Training



Misty cold breezy day today but decided to get out onto the road for a brisk ride anyway. Planned a short 26 mile circuit with a couple of hills at the end and the aim was just to keep plugging away without going mad.

In the end the recorded section of the route was 25.9 miles and it took me just over 78 minutes so an average speed of 19.7mph, NP of 267W, and a TSS of 95.2. The lanes around here are just terrible now, it's like riding on cart tracks for much of the time.

I rode the route on my Winter steed and for the first time for a while I felt I actually had a bit of power in my legs which was good, I think I may be starting to see a few small signs of recovery from whatever has been going on recently which I'm mightily pleased about.

Pleased to say that the problems I've been experiencing do now seem to have resolved and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will remain the case. The acute descent of the CTL curve seems to have been arrested so I'll resume my steady build and hope for a clear run from here on.

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