Saturday, 2 May 2009

Saturday Training



Good solid L3 road session today, sunny this morning but also pretty windy which is always a pain, just the way it is living near the coast. Anyway, rode my Lowick circuit solo which is just under 60 miles and the ride seemed to go pretty well.

Came home with a TSS of 195 for the ride which was pretty much what I had planned, the NP for the 3+ hours was 247W which I was happy with for this sort of ride, that sort of NP now seems to be pretty much standard for solo riding when I'm not really going too hard but also not loafing about.

This was quite a hilly ride solo in the wind so I was quite happy to average just under 19mph, over 2mph quicker than the last time I rode this circuit but I was working harder so that's to be expected!

Similar sort of ride tomorrow which will be my last road ride before the Tour of Ireland starts next Thursday. Tomorrow will be somewhat shorter, less hilly, and probably not ridden as hard, will just see how I feel in the morning and go with the flow :-)

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