Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday Training



After much deliberation and procrastination I decided to go out on the road for today's training ride and my was it windy and pretty cool even for this part of the World.

Anyway, the ride went fine though I didn't enjoy the last climb which was directly into a headwind and on the long steady descent I found myself instead of enjoying it having to work at 270-300W to travel at about 15mph because of the wind :-(

Had planned for a 100ish TSS ride so the 96.8 was more than near enough and I remain on target to have a TSB of about +10 for the start of the Tour of Ireland on Thursday. That's the last road ride before the Tour, one VeloTron session to go and that's optional and I'll just be seeing how I feel in the next few days and basing things on that.

My plan for the tour, for anyone who is interested, is to produce daily blog updates from the Tour of Ireland and I'll also be updating my Twitter stream using the hashtag #tourofireland when I can and you can watch tour progress using the GPS tracker at the foot of the blog. If all goes to plan I'll be posting my powertap data daily along with daily TSS/TSB/CTL etc. info. Hopefully this might be helpful for others preparing for a 5 day tour or maybe just of passing interest.

It's going to be interesting to see whether my training approach for this tour and my starting CTL of about 85 will be adequate, If it's not it's a bit late now! I'll post a summary of how I've approached my training for this ride before I set off, probably tomorrow.


  1. Best of luck, I'm sure that you will be fine!

  2. Hi Colin

    Thanks very much, the blog will reveal all, if it suddenly goes quiet I wasn't fine!