Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunday Training



Back in the saddle. Didn't plan on going out for a long ride this weekend as I've done more than enough of that recently and after yesterday's restart all I wanted to do was keep things going and get my legs back into the way of regular training.

Opted again for a straightforward L3 session and was pleased with how things felt, certainly better than yesterday and had also opted to work at 10W higher than yesterday so things are now going in the right direction.

Found myself spinning away quite comfortably in L3 @ 260W and I now feel that after tomorrow's rest day I'll be ready to re-introduce some harder training though I'll be taking it cautiously initially because of the cold and last week's exertions.

It's worth mentioning here that there is evidence that 3-6 days after a muscle-damaging bout of exercise athletes can no longer perceive that their muscles are still weak, so they may exercise too hard too soon. Weakness also makes the muscle more prone to injury so this is a time for caution. A power meter is a valuable tool in this scenario, it can protect you from overdoing it, as long as you take heed of what it is telling you!

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