Thursday, 18 June 2009

Thursday Training


Continuing with the L3 work today and also added in a L5 effort at the end of the session to see how that felt and all went well. I was actually REALLY pleased with today's training as for the first time as I was midway through the first effort I started to wonder if the VeloTron was Ok, I felt soooo comfortable.

Things continued like this for the rest of the session and even the 4 minutes @ 350W at the end didn't feel bad at all though I was starting to feel pretty hungry by them.

So, a very satisfactory session, long may it continue, it's just the odd session like this and the recent event we enjoyed so much that really keep you going.

Oh yes, I ran the AccuWatt program on the VeloTron after the session to check it, there is less that 0.8% deviation from it's original factory calibration, that will do me nicely ;-)

[Uploaded 18/06/2009 21:11:17]

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