Monday, 20 July 2009

Monday Training



No "proper" training planned for tonight but wanted to do a bit of something as part of my weight management programme. Didn't want to ride for more than about 40 minutes and just wanted to use about 400kcals.

Decided to do one of my "slope" rides riding against a slowly increasing load until I'd reached the required energy expenditure. I'd pre-prepared a new .erg file which would take me from 100W -> 400W and I just stopped when the 400kcals were gone which happened to be at 37.5 minutes, ideal.

Quite an interesting little session this and really feels quite hard as time goes on even though the maximum wattage I went up to was only 288W. I think one day I will be unable to resist finding out exactly how far up the slope I can get!

This is actually quite an interesting illustration of how much of a difference the testing protocol for a RAMP test makes to the final result as this is effectively a RAMP test of sorts. On a RAMP test with a load increase rate of 25W/minute my peak 1 minute power is about 425+W. I doubt very much if using this ramp rate, which is far slower, that I would get anywhere near that, I'd probably reach around 340W I'd guess. Test results must be compared with great caution as unless carefully controlled they are rarely truly comparable.

Makes for an interesting power distribution graph!

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