Saturday, 18 July 2009

Saturday Training



Ouch! As part of my plan to continue to try to elevate my threshold power as well as lose weight in my 4.0W/kg @ threshold quest I'm reintroducing a session where I ride just above my last tested threshold for an extended (30+ mins) period.

For me at present the wattage I need to ride at is about 315W so I set up a .erg file and got going. For this session (first of these for a while) I had decided to ride for 30 minutes and then stop and that's what I did and it was far from comfortable.

I'm hoping that a combination of doing this session and my 4x10 @ 320W session regularly will further improve my FTP, time will tell but I'm going to give it a chance over the next few months and see where I get to.

This session did however give my my best 30 minute power at 315W for a very long time, it sure was uncomfortable though! NP for the 40 minute session which included my warmup was 299W.

[Uploaded 19/07/2009 21:06:42]

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