Saturday, 15 August 2009

Allenheads Stage 01


Day one of the Allenheads 2 day ride and what a day. We were heading in a South Westerly direction and we were confronted by a very strong and gusting South Westerly wind, couldn't have been worse. Hmm... yes it could, it also rained heavily all day!

Never mind, on we went, and all went well, we had a good day. This was a superb route and had the weather been even half decent the scenery would have been truly spectacular, as things turned out however it did become a bit of an endurance test!

I felt fine throughout but we did seem to be going rather harder then planned for the earlier part of the route so I eased off the gas and as a consequence felt better when we came to the harder climbs later in the day, of which there were many.

Finally arrived at our overnight accommodation, some of us in the pub and some in a self catering cottage I'd booked for the night, all worked out really well. All met up in the pub for dinner, good meal, and off to bed ready for tomorrow, which will start with a full English breakfast :-)

Shame about the weather today but it's been a good trip so far in spite of this. Lorena has kindly supported us again, the home made scones at the lunch stop in Corbridge were a real treat, again, they always are!

3942 kcal for today's ride and a TSS of 319, by way of comparison La Marmotte was 451 so today was a pretty tough old day, especially in those conditions!

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