Friday, 14 August 2009

Friday Training



Just continuing with my pause/recovery period at the moment with some more L2 riding and today I started to feel better for it. I've got 160+ miles of riding in what will probably be difficult conditions coming up over the weekend and that will be more than enough hard work for this week :-)

Current CTL is running along at around 85 with a TSB which has just tipped into the +ve after an easier week so I'm pretty well placed for the little CTL hop up that the weekend will bring, then it's back to some more higher intensity work for a spell.

Decided to have a mini review of things earlier on and plotted this season's Mean Maximal Normalised Power data against the MMNP for all my previous power data. I reckoned this would give me another little view of whether I've made progress over this season in terms of NP in comparison with previous years.

The results are shown below with the dashed line representing the MMNP data for this season, looks like I'm at least not going backwards and coupled with the ongoing weight loss I remain optimistic, which I always try to be!

[Uploaded 14/08/2009 19:29:07]


  1. Awesome progress. Wow. Imagine what you can achieve with another couple of focused seasons?


  2. Thanks Mark, the NP increases are small but consistent and my W/kg charts are also looking encouraging. I put it down to consistency, targeted indoor training, and ditching the junk miles.

    Hoping to make further gains, certainly in terms of my W/kg numbers, I am starting to feel real benefits there now out on the road.

    In the end I'm just trying to slow the ageing process and give myself half a chance in 2010!