Sunday, 16 August 2009

Allenheads Stage 02



Day two of the Allenheads 2 day ride. The weather was once again pretty unkind but at least the wind was a lot more favourable today than it was yesterday. Had a great cooked breakfast in the cottage before departure which set me up well for the day.

Felt generally stronger today which is I am sure the result of starting the day from a very well fuelled position rather than from a 500 calorie per day deficit which was the case yesterday.

The route took us over some fine climbs and we finally reached out start point in Alnwick having covered around 81 miles, so about 168 miles for the 2 days, exactly as planned, not too long and not too short :-)

Shame that towards the end of the day Dave took a spill but he seems Ok and I am sure will recover quickly. No serious injuries and he was able to finish the ride, if somewhat battered as the finish photographs show!

I would definitely repeat this route again, maybe next year, as I'd love to do it in decent weather but of course that can never be predicted.

Here is an overview of our route, ignore the speed and distance data!:

[Uploaded 18/08/2009 11:40:25]

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