Monday, 17 August 2009

Monday Training



Pretty tired after last week which was just under 17 hours and 255 miles of training/riding. Opted to just do a recovery spin as I'd been out for a 3-4 mile walk earlier in the day. Included some high cadence efforts in the latter stages of the session but nothing really tiring at all.

As you can see from the summary graph below I've been on a build phase leading up to the Allenheads weekend and now the volume will be falling off for a couple of weeks. I've just got the Cumberland Challenge to come now which I want to enjoy and then another 2 day ride to round the year off. Who knows, we might even get some half decent weather eventually!

CTL: 90.8 ATL: 104.6 TSB: -24.6

[Uploaded 18/08/2009 12:21:31]

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