Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tuesday Training



Today's TSB still down at -24 so with a sub 20 TSB there is simply no point in me trying to train hard so I've opted for my simple up and down L2 session with a maximum wattage of 225W for 30 minutes. The main point of the session is to just keep up with some active recovery and to keep my metabolic rate up and the weight going in the right direction.

No problems at all with the session which I followed up with a lovely dinner of chicken breasts and lots of vegetables with a mixed fruit salad and single cream to follow, perfect. The fruit salad, for anyone interested, contained fresh mango, melon, and red and green grapes. It's interesting that a bowl of strawberries (200g) and 30mls of single cream only contains around 90 calories, these are the perfect deserts for weight watchers!

Onwards and downwards.

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