Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Lard Reduction


By popular demand (well, Colin anyway) I've redone and updated the lardometer with my current weight management position. As you will remember each block of lard represents 250g of remaining excess weight I wish to lose before embarking on my 2010 epic.

When I first started I had 26 blocks of lard to lose and as of today there are 16 blocks remaining. This is still a sizeable chunk of blubber but it's a smaller chunk of blubber than it was and I still have plenty of time to shed the rest, or at least most of it! ;-)

The good news is that I'm at least starting to feel as if the weight reduction is making a difference, but it isn't easy!

Onwards and downwards!

1 comment:

  1. Bradley's view was onwards and hence "upwards". He went from 78 to 72 kg and still put out 480W for 18mins in a UK 10m TT in June. He started the TdF at 4% body fat. Now his wife is force feeding him cake!

    Alternatively, Jo Brand says that she would love to be 6 stone because it would allow her to have a great weekend eating herself back up to her current weight!