Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tuesday Training



Definitely not my favourite session of the week but I have to be honest and say that I think it may well be the most productive. Riding at what I believe to be just above threshold indoors on an ergotrainer is hard work.

Today I did seem to start to feel, in a very small way, more in control of things at about the 20-25 minute mark and in the end I rode at 315W for 35 minutes. Including the warmup the average power for the 45 minute session was 293W with a normalised power of 301W. The good thing was that I could have continued after the 35 minute mark but I didn't feel that this would have been of any great benefit and my intention is to try to extend things very slowly.

It's been indicated to me that threshold training up in the 40 minute time range is the most beneficial so that's where I'm aiming. I have to admit to having been a bit taken aback to hear that 20 minute threshold efforts are probably long enough to maintain fitness but will probably not significantly improve it once they have been done for a while. I do feel now that if I were to do the session I would probably find my previous 2x20@300W pretty comfortable, maybe I'll do it in a few weeks time just out of interest.

There is no doubt that this training session results in a HR profile which has my HR firmly in the L4 band for a much greater percentage of the time than was the case with my 2x20@300W session.

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