Monday, 31 August 2009

Monday Training



I've now started my wind down for the Cumberland Challenge which is held next Sunday, my last event of the year. So far I've ridden every time this event has been held and unfortunately it has rained every year, let's hope for better luck this year.

Anyway, after the miles done over the weekend this session was just a straightforward bit of L2 work to keep me ticking over and it went fine. My plan is to arrive on Sunday with a TSB of around 16 which history suggests is probably a reasonable target for me. In achieving this I'll be dropping my CTL by around 9-10% over the week which is quite a lot but in the end it's all just one big experiment!

More as the week rolls on.

ATL: 91.6 CTL: 89.3 TSB: -7.1

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