Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday Training



Just a real steady ride planned for today, intended to be nothing more than active recovery and that's how we rode which was great. I really enjoyed this ride, weather Ok, good company, and not working hard.

This ride brought home to me that if I stay well and keep training I can keep enjoying my cycling well into old age. I can't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to cycle into old age at a perfectly decent pace if I don't let things slip and keep plodding on.

We covered around 45 miles today at an average speed of around 16mph and my average HR was down at 105BPM. This suggests to me that as I age I should be able to keep on doing this as long as I don't give up as it would be so difficult in older age to pick things up again if I let them slide.

Anyway, very heartening, but for the moment this was a ride to enjoy and to use as recovery for the continuing work ahead. 66% of the ride time was spent with my HR in L1 and 29% in L2 :-)

ATL 97.4 CTL: 90.3 TSB: -5.8

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