Saturday, 29 August 2009

Saturday Training


Back out on the road again with a couple of mates. Smashing ride, windy day but at least it stayed dry. Covered around 60 miles at a decent but not thrashing pace, good solid L3 work with a few of the inevitable surges that always seem to happen.

NP for the ride was just 241W which reflected the inconsistent nature of the pace and with an average HR of 131BPM that put, in HR terms at least, this ride into L2.

Felt quite reasonable today though not what I would call fresh and I think this is reflected in my TSB of +5.2. I'd gauge this as a number which indicates that I'm ready to ride reasonably well but far from where I need to be for an event, which I reckon is around +10, it's very individual.

ATL: 95.5 CTL: 89.7 TSB +5.2.

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