Thursday, 20 August 2009

Thursday Training



Continuing with my recovery week as my TSB slowly recovers from last week's hefty week. Delighted with my weight management plan as my weight slowly creeps downwards.

I've now reached a major milestone for me which is that my weight (I've maintained my power output) has come down to the point where my threshold power to weight ratio now exceeds 4W/kg, which I'm delighted to have managed, I've wanted to get there for ages. I'm continuing with my plan and I'll be carefully watching for the point where weight loss results in a counter-productive power loss and I'll be reconsidering things at that point.

It's interesting to consider that to have reached the +4W/kg threshold figure without losing weight I would have had to increase my threshold power output by almost 30W and that wasn't going to happen any time soon. The challenge now will be to keep the weight off!

Happy with how things are going at the moment though Lorena, poor thing, has a heavy cold which I'm sure to get any time soon :-(

TSB will soon have recovered sufficiently to start doing some harder training, will probably ease back into it tomorrow with some L3 work again before the weekend when hopefully I'll be out on the road again.

ATL: 94 CTL: 89.2 TSB: -9.8

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