Sunday, 6 September 2009

Cumberland Challenge


Today is the day of the 2009 Cumberland Challenge and I should be setting of just about at the time of the post, just before 08:00 BST.

I managed to get round the circuit in 5:55 last year and I'm hoping to get under that time if at all possible though much will depend on the weather and a clear run in terms of mechanical problems.

Managed, if memory serves, to get into the top 30 of the field last year and I'd like to do something similar this year if at all possible, all depends whose riding though. A top 20 finish would be brilliant but as long as I and my mates get round safely that's the number one priority.

I'll try to update this blog entry this evening with the results and how it all went and hopefully my power data from the ride.

I'm starting the event this morning with my planned TSB of +17 and over the last week I have dropped my CTL by around 9-10% to just above 81, so we'll see what that delivers out in the hills! My current power to weight ratio is just above 4W/Kg which is certainly higher than it was for this event last year when I think it was around 3.7W/Kg, this should make a significant difference to my climbing as it represents around 25-30W @ threshold.

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