Sunday, 6 September 2009

Cumberland Challenge



The day of the Cumberland Challenge came around again and at least today it didn't pour with rain though it was very windy for much of the ride which made things difficult.

In the event the day from my point of view went as well as it could have done. All my training has paid off and I felt fit and strong throughout the ride and never ran out of gas at all, I was very happy with all the preparations I had made and I think I now have a good "template" that seems to work for me.

My pals and I rode as a group and it was a shame that there were a few "bad days @ the office" but that's always likely to be the way things pan out. We all finished pretty much together all bar a few seconds so in the end all was well.

In terms of time around the circuit I was all but identical to last year but I felt so much better today, a very different experience from many previous sportives so I'm more than happy with the way things are going in readiness for 2010.

The main message I have taken from today is that my indoor training is not hampering me in any way in long endurance events which is great. Now looking forward to a double crossing of the country next weekend. I'm riding from coast to coast to coast with a couple of mates which we are looking forward to, gawd knows what the weather will be like.

Came in 23rd out of 400+ so happy with that, to see the results click here.

ATL: 105.8 CTL: 91.4 TSB: 17.0

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