Friday, 4 September 2009

Friday (not) Training


This is the life and it doesn't happen very often! No training today and my main cycling related task of the day is to take good care of my nutrition. This involves trying to make sure that I consume a well balanced and nutritious diet which is rich in carbohydrates.

Hmm.. so what exactly does "rich in carbohydrates" mean? According to those who know at this point before an endurance event the diet should contain approximately 10g of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight in the days leading up to athletic competition lasting more than 90 minutes. This guidance is from the IOC consensus on sports nutrition so it's good enough for me. As you can see below I reached almost 700g of CHO today so well on track for 10g of CHO per Kg of body weight.

Also there is evidence that supercompensated muscle glycogen levels can be maintained for at least 3 days when resting prior to competition (Human Performance Department, Naval Health Research Center - San Diego) so there is really no need to stuff one's face the night before an event, one can start much earlier than that! :-)

So, a nice restful day and lots of good high carbohydrate food, what more could I want? TSB climbing nicely and am currently still on schedule for a TSB on Sunday of +17.6 as planned. I have a short L4 session planned for tomorrow which should deliver a TSS of around 25 and that will be it before Sunday morning. I will have a very good idea tomorrow morning how my preparations have gone!

ATL: 70.5 CTL: 84.5 TSB: +7.2

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