Thursday, 3 September 2009

Thursday Training


Continuing the preparation for Sunday's Cumberland Challenge today by doing a shorter L4 session this time but at 305W. The session went really well and I am starting to feel the benefit of the reduced training load but not feeling at all stale.

Pleasantly surprised to find that after 15 minutes at 305W I was experiencing no muscle burning and I could very easily have continued at this load. I reckon the burning sensation comes on far earlier when the muscles are in a low carbohydrate state or are already significantly fatigued from previous training.

The reduced calorie state I have been training in for almost 3 months now has been brought to an end with an isocalorific day which has been nice. It's surprising what a difference an extra 500 calories per day make to things after 3 months, particularly when they are consumed as additional carbohydrates as I'm still keeping my fat intake low but healthy.

Tomorrow will see a continuation of my increased carbohydrate regime and on top of that I have a day of complete rest scheduled, apart from the normal activities of daily living, I don't intend to spend it in bed!

TSB has now turned +ve - bye bye tiredness.

ATL: 79.3 CTL: 86.6 TSB: +3.6

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