Friday, 23 October 2009

Friday Training



Tonight was my first effort at Bill Black's "Hour of Power" or HOP workout. I'd read all about it and from what I had gleaned I plotted a suitable workout in ERG+ which I've also made available online. The workout is essentially 60 minutes with no recovery periods, ridden at about 90% of FTP with a 20-30 second 120% effort every 3 minutes.

Using my .erg file library, as this was my first try at this, I rode the session as a 305WFTP rider in the hope that I'd make it to the end, which I did. Even doing this it was a tiring workout but I'm sure an effective one, I'll try to do this perhaps once a week over the Winter. I plan to build up to doing this session as a 315W rider over the next 4 weeks or so which should allow me to adapt to it.

So, a successful session indeed which delivered a TSS of 92. I'll approach the next session like this with a little more confidence and a great deal of trepidation. Not a session to tackle with a low TSB for sure.

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ATL: 77.2 CTL: 83.5 TSB: +8

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