Monday, 5 October 2009

Monday Training



Here we go again, it's Monday so it's into week 3 of my micro-intervals training scheme. Approached this session with some trepidation for two reasons. The first is that yesterday's ride was very hilly and may have left me a bit fatigued, the second is that today my plan was to complete a set of 10 by doing 10 repetitions of the 30 second 128% effort. Only way to find out was to give it a go!

Very pleasantly surprised, I think I may be getting somewhere. The efforts of course felt hard, they always do, but towards the end I wasn't hanging on for grim death and could have continued. The other important thought is that it's only 2 weeks ago that I started these and I started by doing 5 repetitions. I didn't feel any worse at the end of ten than I did at the end of five.

The plan is to repeat this again tomorrow with a recovery ride on Wednesday. Next week I'll introduce a second set of repetitions starting with just 2 efforts in the first set and ten in the second with a five minute recovery between sets. When I'm up to doing 2x10 in a session that will be 10 minutes of L6 work and I'll then slowly start to increase the %FTP I'm working at over the forthcoming months. For the rest of the week I'll continue to develop and maintain my aerobic capacity as without that the whole thing comes tumbling down.

My CTL is slowly dropping but that's fine as it isn't my priority at this time of year, that will rise in the Spring ready for my 3 weeks in July :-)

ATL: 85.9 CTL: 87.8 TSB: -0.9

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