Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tuesday Training



The second of my 2 day block of L6 training, repeating yesterday's session. No major breakthroughs but no major setbacks, just good solid training and the more I read the more I think I'm on the right track with this.

Now that I have completed the set of 10 two days in a row I feel ready to introduce my second set which at first will just have 2 efforts in it with a 5 minute recovery before the set of 10. I don't plan to do more that 10 minutes in total in L6 in any one session and even that is a pretty intense dose. By way of comparison I was out on the road in the hills on Sunday for a bit under 4 hours and the total L6 component of that ride was 16 minutes so 10 minutes in a one hour session is more than enough!

The above example is I reckon another good example of what an efficient training tool the indoor trainer is, if used in this way, soon be doing half the volume of L6 training in one hour as in just under 4 hours on the road on a hilly ride.

I'll get this week over with and then at least another 2 weeks and then I think it will be time for some testing. My guess is that I may have stimulated a small MAP increase by then but my FTP will probably have either fallen slightly or remained the same, but my power to weight ration is definitely up! :-)

Recovery spin tomorrow. If you would like to review today's data click here.

ATL: 87.1 CTL: 83.2 TSB: +1.9

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