Saturday, 14 November 2009

Saturday (not) Training


As I mentioned yesterday, no training for me today. Lorena and I went on a day trip to London to visit the British Library and British Museum, and what a fantastic day out we had.

To see items such as Magna Carta, The Lindisfarne Gospels, Captain Scott's Diary, The Rosetta Stone, and so many many more items made for a truly fantastic day out.

Not sure what will happen tomorrow as we are off out geocaching with friends, looking like another very light week of training! Have now hit a CTL of 70 which is lower than I can remember it being, probably for years. I guess I shouldn't really worry too much as my plan is to start my 12 week Winter training plan at around the start of December so if I can start an upward CTL trend before then all will be well.

ATL: 45.2 CTL: 70.0 TSB: 20.8

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