Saturday, 28 November 2009

Saturday Training



This was meant to be a group ride but in the end for various reasons there was just the 2 of us out. The temperature at the start was minus 1 degrees centigrade but we soon warmed up and the roads seemed pretty much OK though we rode very cautiously.

Covered a total of 53.4 miles with a NP of 263W and was happy with how things went particularly after a very full training week. This was the first time I'd really tried out the Garmin 705 and was very happy with how it performed and the power meter interface seems to work faultlessly and I now have full confidence in it.

Impressed how one can mark lap points and then if you re-ride the same course the unit detects when it reaches the same point on the road and automatically marks the lap point for you, I reckon that's pretty neat.

So, a very good ride, I felt fine at the end and am happy with how my training in general is going at present, long may it continue.

ATL: 82 CTL: 74 TSB: 4.4

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