Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday Training



Weather forecast for Sunday is terrible so decided to go out on the road for a spin today in case tomorrow turns out to be a complete washout. Rode 2 laps of the Boulmer circuit which went pretty well but the the roads were filthy and it was generally a very gloomy outing.

The good thing was that it was a good tempo ride with a NP for the ride of about 260W which lasted for around 100 minutes and it's a pretty hilly course. What I was very pleased about is that I've completely cracked the settings on the Garmin 705 and the autolap set-up by position now works beautifully.

I've saved this ride as a course file which includes precise lap markers at key points on the route and these will automatically trigger lap marks whenever I ride this route again. This will be brilliant for comparing my times on the climbs over the coming months. I'm particularly keen to compare my performances on Bilton Bank and the Observatory Bank above Denwick. basically this will save me having to think and trying remember to mark laps and I can just concentrate on my riding and the roads.

All in all things are going fine but I do find it all very difficult at this time of year, but then so do most people.

ATL: 70.9 CTL: 71.8 TSB: 6

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