Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sunday Training


Have decided to join the CompuTrainer Race League for a bit of fun and the first race up was this 1K TT, hardly my cup of tea! Anyway, did a bit of fiddling about to work out a decent gear to do the effort in, settled in the end on I think an 84 inch gear. Paced first effort terribly and went out far too hard and ended up having a few goes at it.

By the time I got things about right my legs were pretty tired so I definitely did significantly less well than I am capable of once I get things right. Time was a bit over 1:26 so I may get a few points for that but not many, just a bit of fun.

Training for the day was generally a wash-out and I'm glad I went out yesterday.

ATL: 63.6 CTL: 70.2 TSB: 0.9

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