Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Tuesday Training



Hmm... unless I'm very much mistaken the VTWinterPlan has moved up a notch, what used to be a L3 session @ 80% of FTP is now a L3 session @ 85% of FTP, a small but noticeable change.

The session went just fine and even though the load was a little higher I was never uncomfortable which is reassuring. I'm reasonably confident that my current plan is at least maintaining my FTP so I'm looking forward to making some modest gains as the later stages of the plan approach and the work gets somewhat harder.

Based on a recent ITT I rode using the VeloTron 3D I've updated my LTHR value which I think is currently about 170BPM, I previously had it set at 165BPM, again a small but significant change.

Onwards and upwards, SST tomorrow!

ATL: 57.2 CTL: 65.1 TSB: 9.2

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