Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wednesday Training



Sweet Spot training, yippee! My favourite! Never what I'd call a comfortable session but this really went pretty well and was very do-able. I never really got out of my comfort zone in this session which was good and on balance I was pleased with how it went.

Working at this sort of intensity is essential training for my 2010 TdF trip as it's exactly the sort of intensity one has to be able to ride at for extended periods on the long climbs where there is simply no respite at all. I might as well make sure I am well and truly used to it, this and the Hour of Power type workouts should do the trick.

Pleased to see that my HR never got above L3 throughout the session even though I was working well above L3 for long periods of time, all looking very positive.

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ATL: 59.4 CTL: 65.3 TSB: 7.9

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