Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday (not) Training


As decided yesterday, no training for me today and on with the hospital visiting. Mum seems to have perked up somewhat and is much more like her old self but it will take a long time for this leg wound to heal I fear. We'll just have to hope for the best but she is being well looked after at the moment and continues with her IV antibiotics etc.

Messed about a bit again with the VeloTron and have now reconnected it to the original machine so that I can use it tomorrow, new PC also connected in the same room so that I can switch over easily when it comes to the time to test things out.

I was contacted by Paul Smeulders from who had seen my plight and he VERY kindly offered to connect up to my new PC over the Internet using GoToMeeting. I was extremely impressed by the support arrangements Paul has put in place to help his ErgVideo clients, a lot of firms could learn a great deal from his approach, and I'm not even a customer of his, yet. Respect.

He gave it the once over and some very valuable pointers and hopefully with the new USB->serial adaptor things will start to move in the right direction soon. I'm sure over time I'll get this sorted and can then start to get the benefits of my investment, it's just VERY frustrating.

One thing is for sure, when this is resolved I'll be buying some ErgVideos.

One day at a time...


  1. I recently received the Mount Ventoux Ergvideo as an Xmas gift. It is absolutely a great training tool that takes the computrainer or veletron experience to a whole new level. The Ergvideos make for some serious suffering on the trainer seem not so bad. The web tool that links to the Ergvideo is a great way to model your ride to get the AP, NP, TSS values you want for a given day. Very cool, you will not regret the purchase, and customer support is excellent as you mention.


  2. Hi Rick

    That's what I'm hoping! If only I can get past the technical issues in getting the VT to work properly with a new W7 PC but unfortunately all I've had suggested by RacerMate so far has been to alter the screen resolution :-( I think RameMate support could learn a lot from ErgVideo support.

    I have RacerMate's flagship trainer unable to work with a modern PC which massively exceeds the stated required spec is a bit of a joke really, especially when the suggested solution is to reduce the screen resolution!

    Ill keep you posted! Gut feelings tell me this is going to take about 4-6 weeks to resolved :-)