Saturday, 23 January 2010

Saturday Training



Nice easy session today which was the hour at 56-75% session I moved from yesterday. No problems at all with this, continuing to use the aero bars as much as possible as I think they will give me an advantage and save a lot of effort particularly on the long stages in France, as long as I can get used to riding in the required position of long periods of time.

Forecast for the long ride day tomorrow looks very poor again and I'll not be going out in awful weather just for the sake of it. Currently thinking of preparing a long ride substitute .erg file doing alternating 15 minute L2 and L3 periods with variable loads for both, 15 mins at 56-75% and then 15 mins @ 76-90%. So, that would be 30 minutes per cycle and I could do 5 cycles which would give me 75 minutes of L3 work. That would be a good substitute session. I think I'll go and prepare a .erg file :-)

Still just plugging away really as the winter drags on, Mum still in hospital and struggling and we are just hoping for the best.

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