Thursday, 21 January 2010

Thursday (not) Training


Another very difficult day on the home front, primarily because Mum continues to struggle and that's just a constant worry, apart from the hospital visiting which at the moment is all I can really do for her.

My big problem in these situations is that I am by nature the sort of person who wants to actually do something about things and I find it very difficult when I can't and I'm reduced almost to the role of observer. I don't want to become the relative from hell but I will be making sure my Mum's best interests are served during her stay in hospital.

2 days of very light training scheduled for today and tomorrow so I'm going to take them as complete rest days and then do one of the sessions on Saturday which should have been my scheduled rest day, by wthen things should have settled down a bit.

Tried to get the new computer hooked up to the VeloTron, no joy, am going to try a different USB to serial adapter but have to wait for delivery from the US :-(

Ploughing on... CTL falling, again...

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