Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tuesday Training



Today's planned session was some isopower work to be done at 85% of FTP so this was to be upper L3 and I guess would also just scrape in and qualify as a second sweet spot session. All excellent training for the event I'm working towards.

The session went fine and I felt perfectly comfortable throughout. Have started using the tri bars I've fitted to the VeloTron as I intend to slowly over the next 6 months get used to riding in a more aerodynamic position for longer periods. The plan is to save a few watts of effort on the longer flatter stages of the tour and to ride with some compact clip on bars on my road bike. Plenty of time to experiment with this.

The more I think about July's expedition the more I'm looking forward to it, just got to stay well in the meantime.

ATL: 64.4 CTL: 65.6 TSB: 1.6

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