Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wednesday Training



Been a naughty boy today. Today was supposed to be a rest day but a mate of mine had sent me a CompuTrainer .3dp file I'd asked for as I wanted to do an experiment. What happened was that Lorena was playing the clarinet with some friends and it was the ideal opportunity for me to give this a try.

Anyway, I loaded up the file and lo and behold I was able to ride against my mate's previous performance using the VeloTron 3D package. There was no reason why I shouldn't be able to do this but it was nice to confirm that is is possible.

The ride was hard but quite a "fun" thing to do. I guess if one wants to do this sort of thing "seriously" one would have to make sure the cda figures, rider weight, bike weight data, draughting settings etc. were all entered consistently but with all that done this has potential for providing yet another training technique for CompuTrainer/VeloTron users. My advice is don't ride against a performance generated by someone 15kg lighter than you if the course is a hilly one, fortunately this was only 12.5 miles :-/

Anyway, a nice little TSS bonus I wasn't expecting or planning for though this may well have an adverse effect on tomorrow's scheduled L5 session :-(

We'll see, I can only do what I can do!

ATL: 63.4 CTL: 65.3 TSB: 1.2

[Uploaded 07/01/2010 15:08:00]

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