Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday (not) Training


Well today is a scheduled rest day. I must confess that in spite of knowing it's wrong I was tempted to do the session today that I missed from Tuesday but in the end common sense prevailed and I didn't.

The saga of the VeloTron PC rolled on for many hours but in the end I had a breakthrough and after a great deal of aggravation and I finally managed to get the Vista PC working properly with the VeloTron.

On top of getting the machine working I have also managed to run the test file from the ErgVideo website and it seems at least to run Ok (at the correct speed) at the same time as running the VTCS software. What this means is that it looks as if I just might be able to run ErgVideos on the VeloTron on this PC in the end, now that would be fantastic. I'll have to wait for the delivery of my first 3 ErgVideos to see but I really really hope this works.

Things, for the moment at least, are looking a little calmer ahead and I'm hoping and planning to get back into my training in a more controlled way come next week, once I've got the weekend's sessions over and done with!

ATL: 43.7 CTL: 57.2 TSB: 9.4

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