Monday, 15 March 2010

Monday Training

Today I'd planned to commute into work and even though the weather looked pretty poor this morning I decided to go for it and just put up with whatever came my way, having already made the necessary preparartions. In the end it turned out to be cold and windy which is never fun but I got there and back safe and sound covering a little over 40 miles in the process and generating a TSS for the day of around 145 and lifting my CTL to 72.2. As you can see things are going pretty well on the CTL front but I'll not push it as I don't want to overdo things now and then get run down and start picking up all sorts of bugs.

Looking at the data for the 2 commutes it's interesting to see that this morning's ride was around 19.8mph and this evening's about 2mph slower. Without a power meter you may put that down to fatigue or some other factors but my average power for the second journey was actually 20W higher than for the first. So, more power and going slower, it's all down to the weather, the hills, and goodness knows what else. So, with a power meter there is no need to get dispirited when you go slower, as long as you can see that the output is there, my average HRs for the 2 trips were virtually identical.

Will see how I feel tomorrow and what the weather is up to, will take a day off if I feel I need to but if I feel fine I'll just press on, make hay whilst the sun shines, or whilst the wind blows :-)

To review the outward commute data: click here.

To review the homeward commute data: click here.

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